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We love bitches of all genders, races, sizes, abilities


Here we are: Monday, January 8, 2018 with a list of the entertainment industry’s best liked Bechdel Test passing screenplays. This list comes out in January not just to recap last year’s great reads, but to highlight what stories we collectively want to get made in the coming year.

Love the news of THE NEW BECHDEL TESTS. Proud to say some of the screenplays on #TheBitchList2018 appear to pass these also. The original Bechdel Test is an extremely low bar, but surprisingly most films that get made still do not pass it. It is merely somewhere to start.

Every year, we’re still getting the same sad old stats about there being barely any #WOC directed or starring films. #TimesUp for this, really, truly. Who’s out there making this change happen? @Inclusionists have shown us time and time again that the data says #WOC lead films make box office cash, big time. Girls Trip, anyone?



Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 10.37.21 AM


There are some awesome announcements- FYI: This time, esteemed #TheBitchList2017 winner Britta Lundin (now a super duper cool big shot writer on Riverdale) is helping facilitate more industry reads of this year’s scripts- if you’re one of the writers on this list and want to be included- email and we’ll forward your script to Britta to compile. If you’re a rep or producer and want to read some of them, also feel free to send a message to this email and we’ll connect things up.

Very proud of The Bitch List alumni and glad to keep in touch with ’em. Many are actively participating in #WRAC18, so if you want, hop on over and join us and The Film Brigade headed by the generous Gary Graham and Michael Hennessy.

It’s required that voters send in their nominations via their official work emails and/or include an link of the nominator’s own work in order to verify identities.  Nominations are accepted from those working at studios, networks, agencies, management companies, and production companies anywhere in the world. Aside from this, alumni of the list are also eligible to vote.


As always, many thanks to friends and supporters who have lent a hand, given great coverage to The Bitch List:, Cinema in Noir, The Trackingboard, Indiewire, Wellywood Woman, Bluestocking Film Fest, Etheria Film Fest, Screamfest, The Bloodlist, The Director List, The Blacklist, April and Margaret of Legendary Women and others…

This has been a tumultuous year when it’s come to toppling the patriarchy. The old guard is changing before our very eyes because of brave people who have come out with their stories of sexual harassment. The industry is changing in big ways and together we will have a #BetterHollywood (hashtag by the wonderful Eleanor Morrison).



The first story listed below won by a landslide of the votes. The rest are in no particular order- to cap out at 15 this year

Repping this time are: UTA, Gersh, Lee Stobby Entertainment, The Cartel, Circle of Confusion, APA, Artillery & others

Very proud that writers originally on previous editions of The Bitch List have gone on to be on The Black List and to get their films made. Last year’s success story is David Kukoff’s An Uncivil War, to be directed by Dee Rees!

None of these stories are repped or endorsed by The Bitch Pack, nor are they read by anyone here. Just here counting votes. Congrats to everyone who made it onto the list- with votes from professionals who believe in your writing:




Action Comedy Feature

By Lindsay Stidham and Angela Gulner

Gulner is represented by Fictional Entity

Stidham is represented by Lee Stobby Entertainment and Miloknay/Weiner

Status: Available

The F*ck Truck will never be the same after JACKIE JONES gets on board to confront the bitch boning her man. But when both women are mistaken for hijacking the bus, the former-rivals are forced to work together to out-drive the police and save all the beavers on board one jacked up bus. It’s like SPEED meets THELMA AND LOUISE.




Western Dramedy Pilot

By Alexandra E. Hartman

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

When a pregnant bandit and an ex-slave meet a Southern belle with a fiery secret, they form an unlikely band of badass, ovary-slinging Western outlaws.




Pale Horse

Thriller Feature

By Chris Courtney Martin

Representation: Fred James, Manager

Status: Optioned to Snail Wolf Media

When a reclusive author (a Black woman with MS) shelters a man who escaped captivity with her long-missing brother, they’re tormented by the zealot responsible.




Drama Feature

By Michael Cooke

Representation: Stephanie Epstein, Manager

Status: Available

Lynn Miller, a Black woman public school teacher, navigates her quarter life crisis being over worked, and underpaid in one of the worse counties in Georgia. Lynn must decide if she will resign at the end of the week and move on to a better teaching district, leaving her students to fend for themselves, or stay and risk her dignity and sanity at the sake of little reward.




RomCom Feature

By Casey Zilbert

Representation: Daniela Garcia-Brcek, Circle of Confusion & Danny Toth, Gersh

Status: Available

Following the death of her estranged mother, a commitment phobe-cum-romance writer’s world spirals into a comedy of errors when her return home to Seattle stirs up old secrets, new scandals, and an unexpected love affair with a Naval Officer.




Fantasy Dramedy Pilot

By Jeannette Manning

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

Godlike is a one-hour TV dramedy about Morrigan, a Celtic war goddess who feels obsolete in modern-day Queens. Forced to earn a living after she abruptly loses her powers, Morrigan gets a job at an MCN alongside Ash McNeil, a descendant of Celtic warriors guided by Morrigan. The goddess hopes to restore her powers by investigating and uncovering other immortals posing as eccentric YouTubers. Instead, Morrigan’s search for nonhumans helps her realize how human she truly is.





Historical Drama Pilot

By Paola Ferrari & Kayla Westergard-Dobson

Representation: Audrey Knox, Kevin Slack, and Evan Corday at The Cartel

Status: Currently in active development with John Rogers and Jennifer Court at Kung Fu Monkey
Days before Pearl Harbor, the interception of a cryptic Axis communication irrevocably changes the lives of four women as the wartime conflict escalates, weaving together their paths in unexpected ways.




Supernatural Action/Adventure Pilot

By Lauren Conoscenti

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

Orientation week at an all-girls high school turns to chaos when a new student accidentally releases ancient creatures on campus



Comedy Pilot

By Nancy Duff

Story by: Nancy Duff & Woody Schultz

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

A recent widow and a society matron, brought together by a secret from their past, realize that in order to survive their golden years, they’ll need to work together and bring a failing marijuana bakery to new heights. BAKED puts a different spin on the current pilots about the “pot culture,” and features story lines about: adultery, adoptions, multi-ethnic families, death, LGBTQ stories, class issues and of course… baked goods.




Dramedy Pilot

Written by: Jay H. Thames

Representation: Ryan Saul, APA & Darren Trattner, Jackoway Tyerman

Status: Available

The dream team: A mob hitman and his brilliant mother get more than they bargained for when they’re dropped into a picture perfect suburb – new members of the Witness Protection Program – surrounded by a very diverse group of off-kilter neighbors, all of them also in the Witness Protection Program.




Sci-Fi Drama Pilot

By Thomas Dolan-Gavitt

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

At an exclusive school for genetically-engineered teens, an attack by a radical techno-terrorist faction prompts a shy, outcast girl to dig into the institution’s dark secrets.




Action Feature

By Nate Myers

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

An assassin has two hours to kill her neighbor in order to save her own life — but she first has to find her favorite gun.



#1 FAN

Comedy Pilot

By Annabel Seymour

Representation: Tom Carter, Artillery Creative

Status: Available

Twenty years after embarrassing herself by proposing to her pop star crush on live TV, a businesswoman’s life is thrown for a loop when the bankrupt singer shows up on her doorstep. 30 ROCK meets POPSTAR: NEVER STOP NEVER STOPPING




Drama Pilot

By Lorelei Ignas

Representation: United Talent Agency: Amanda Burnett, Lily Safran, Matt Baldovsky

Garrett Greer, Manager

Status: Available

A Park Avenue OB/GYN whose alcoholism nearly destroyed her career must struggle to stay sober, employed, and sane in the red suburbs of Pennsylvania after accepting a controversial job at one of the few remaining women’s health clinics in the country that performs abortions after 22 weeks.




Drama Pilot

By Carolyn Johnson

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

Two women programmers develop an “empathy-based” gaming tech – which forces misogynistic players to experience life as the women they victimize.




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