The Bitch List 2020

Welcome to The New Decade

Leading the Better Hollywood brigade are The New Bechdel Tests that propel scripts into The Next Level of Representation

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The first five placers on this list win the latest Final Draft screenwriting software to keep on writing stories that will change our societies for the better. Thank you to our sponsor!

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If you’re a writer or rep of a Top 5 story here, please email biatchpack-at-gmail-dot-com to get your activation code.

If you will be at The Sundance Film Festival 2020, please feel free to write & share.

#TheBitchList2020 comprises of multiple genres, & ranges from un-repped writers to ones at Hollywood’s major agencies: CAA, Gersh, APA this year —

Always- hats off to The #WRAC group for nurturing every level writer to learn.

The Bitch Pack is proud to present the entertainment industry’s “most liked”, un-produced, highly representative of real human life stories that we hope get put into production in the near future:

Title: Maiden Warrior

Logline: A headstrong Indian teen escapes an arranged marriage in India for Harvard, where she struggles to fit in — masquerading as her brother who was the one who got into the Ivy League school.

Name of writer: Aarthi Ramanathan

Type of script: Drama Feature

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

Passes: The Bechdel Test, The DuVernay Test, The Waithe Test, The Ko Test, The Peirce Test, The Villareal Test, Landau Test, Koeze-Dottle Test

Title: Lyz

Logline: A dark dramedy that follows a foul-mouthed, mental health worker as she struggles to balance a demanding job, complicated love life and deteriorating grip on reality. It’s a groundbreaking, funny, uncompromising and sometimes heartbreaking exploration of a theme rarely seen on television: ‘mental health in the black community’.

Name of writer: Darnell Brown

Type of script: Comedy pilot

Representation: Agent: William Brown (CAA), Manager: Randy Becker (Level 4 Management)

Status: Available

Title: Right of Passage

Logline: Two estranged sisters are forced to resuscitate their family’s failing wedding planning business, Dream Weddings, as the first ever assisted-death planning business, Dream Endings, when their father becomes their first client.

Name of writer: Ally Iseman

Type of script: Drama/Dramedy Series

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

Passes: The Duvernay Test, The New Bechdel Test, and The Peirce Test


Title: The Incomparables

Logline: Two sisters in 18thC England break all the restrictions placed upon the fairer sex as they seek revenge on a killer – and start a revolution…

Name of writer: Vanessa Yardley

Type of script: 1hour drama, period action-adventure

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

Title: Kiss & Makeup

Logline: On the run for her life, a con-artist with a history of burned bridges hides out in her estranged sister’s suburban town, only to find her sister’s world carries surprises and dangers of its own.

Name of writer: Liz Thompson

Type of script: 1-hour Drama / Crime

Representation: Manager – David Clark, Mazo Partners

Status: Available

Passes: The Bechdel Test, The Ko Test, The Landau Test, The Peirce Test

Title: Guns and Grace

Logline: A widow teams up with a tough Blackfoot woman against the bank robbers that killed her husband in a chase across Montana.

Name of writer: Odin Ozdil

Type of script: Feature Western

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

Passes: The Bechdel Test, The DuVernay Test, The Villarreal Test

Title: Big Bitches

Logline: Locked in the warehouse where she works overnight, one woman is forced to confront the awful, hidden truth about her friends, her crush, her co-workers, and somehow still survive the night.

Name of writer: Erin Cardiff

Type of script: Feature Horror

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

Title: The Domovoi

Name of Writer: Lisa Jay

Logline: A young girl suffering abuse hears a Russian fairy-tale about a monster that lives in the oven and grants wishes, and when she wishes her stepfather was dead, events quickly spiral into a mess of bloody consequences.

Type of script: Feature Horror

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

Title: The Fifelot

Logline: A biracial female thrill seeker chases a mythical legend back home to New Orleans in search of buried pirate treasure and finds more than adventure when she awakens a voodoo priestess aching to rise from the dead.

Name of Writer: Guy Crawford

Type Of Script: Supernatural / Adventure Feature

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

Passes: The Bechdel, The Duvernay Test, The Waithe Test, The Ko Test, The Peirce Test, The Villarreal Test, The Landau Test

Title: Mommy Porn

Logline: A single mother in a conservative Florida suburb has a sexual awakening when she decides to moonlight as an erotic novelist to make ends meet. As she tries to conceal her newfound passion from her righteous community, she battles her own narrow views on female sex and empowerment.

Writer: Kelli McNeil

Type:1-hour Dramedy Pilot

Representation: Mark Hartogshon & Danny Toth, Gersh, Manager: Christian Armogida

Status: Available

Title: Hellcats of the Caribbean

Logline: Two women trade their ordinary lives for piracy and find adventure, romance, freedom and friendship along the way.

Name of writer: Elizabeth Ditty

Type of script: 1-hour Drama

Representation: n/a

Status: Optioned, seeking attachments and production partners

Passes: The Bechdel Test, The Peirce Test, The Villareal Test, The Landau Test

Title: Master Zek

Logline: When a university professor unexpectedly develops super powers, she must learn to use them to defeat her ex-husband’s plot to enable artificial intelligence to hijack human brains, and do it with no spandex, no utility belt – just a woman cleaning up the mess and saving the world.

Name of writer: Karen Hemmerle

Type of script: Action Feature

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

Passes: The Bechdel Test, The Villarreal Test, and TheLandau Test. Depending on casting, it would also pass The Duvernay, Waithe, Villalobos, and Ko Tests

Title: Something Wicked

Logline: A modern re-imagining of the witches from MACBETH, the series follows three sisters from a strange magical family who discover they can predict the future – including the murder they’re about to commit.

Name of writer: Sabrina Sherif

Type of script: 1-hour drama

Representation: Gersh (US), Characters Agency (Canada)

Status: Available

Title: Lullabies of la Jaula

Writer: Karen McDermott

Logline: Separated from her mother during a desperate border crossing and held in a cage for migrant children, 14-year-old Dahlia Ramirez draws strength from the poetry of a Spanish revolutionary as she struggles to survive.

Type: Feature

Representation: David Saunders, APA

Status: Available

Passes: The Bechdel Test

Title: Dirty Water Dogs

Logline: A down-on-her-luck hotdog vendor desperate to provide for her wife and kids in the cut-throat world of street food tries to fix the lottery for a hot new vending spot in Central Park Zoo but loses everything when she’s thrown into a turf war with another vendor instead.

Name of writer: Terri Viani

Type of script: Drama Feature

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

Passes: The Bechdel Test, The DuVernay Test, The Ko Test, The Peirce Test, The Villareal Test, The Landau Test

Title: Alone Girl

Logline: Alone Girl is a coming of middle age story wrapped in an unromantic comedy about Sam, a perpetually single woman in her 40s, who is thrown headlong into a journey to find a partner by her dying father and well-meaning friends, who are all sure that if could just find love, she’d be happy. Along the way, Sam learns to fall in love with herself and realizes that her happy place is in fact, being single.

Name of writer: Cris Graves

Type of script: Comedy Feature

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

Passes: The Bechdel Test, The Peirce, The Ko Test, The Landau Test, The Koeze-Dottle Test, The Villarreal Test

Title: Princess Vietnam

Logline: In a racist town in the 1980’s, a Vietnamese girl finds strength in comic book adventures and her budding lesbian romance.

Name of writer: Aaron Chung

Type of script: Drama feature

Representation: n/a

Status: Available


Hi everyone- Here are the screenplays that Hollywood gatekeepers hope get greenlit in 2019. Please see the front page of this site for how the nomination process works.

Our Top 5 script writers on this list receive a free version of the latest Final Draft software. Thank you again so much to our sponsor in helping inclusion be normalized.

Things to notice this year: #WOC rule. Multiple stories for Asian/Asian-American woman leads made the list, ala the Crazy Rich Asians effect. One writer, an Asian-American woman has two scripts on the list- Kristy Lowrey. Black teen girl/women leads are also prominent.

Circle of Confusion has the most writers representing. Other reps include The Cartel, Abrams, APA, Brillstein, Paradigm, UTA, Madhouse, Heller Highwater, Echo Lake & others. Congratulations to everyone!

There were a record number of nominations this year and many scripts that I’m sure are fantastic that did not place. Keep trying. You can always tweet your loglines with #BitchPitches so we can all see what Bechdel Test passing material you’re writing.

Appreciate everyone involved. Happy awards season and happy writing to you all.

Thuc Nguyen

If you are in the Top 5, email & we’ll get you set up with:


Also, if you made the list & want to be part of #TheBitchPackAlumni FB page, email me. Follow this tag to find out what amazing things our writers are up to now including writing for hit shows and having their scripts optioned & made like Britta Lundin on Riverdale & David Kukoff, An Uncivil War to star Carey Mulligan directed by Dee Rees for Film Nation.

The Bitch List 2019


Logline: When a 16-year-old girl inadvertently becomes the sex sensei at her prudish high school, it gets harder to keep her biggest secret: she’s actually a virgin.

Writer: Sarah Mickelson

Type: Half-hour Dramedy

Representation: Casey Minella & Zach Cox, Circle of Confusion

Status: Available

Passes: Landau Test, Peirce Test



Logline: A show about three strong women with nothing in common, and how their lives become intertwined in the linty underbelly of the Sunshine State. There’s the redneck, whose mini-mart robbery goes bad (like run-over-a-Nazi’s-head-with-a-stolen-car bad); the black rookie cop determined to track her down and lock her up; and the Asian-American reporter intent on making her a hero and riding that narrative to news anchor stardom.

Writers: Leanna Adams & Julie O’Hora

Type: Half-hour Action Comedy/Dark Comedy

Representation: Mitch Smelkinson, Esq.

Status: Available

Passes: Duvernay Test, Ko Test, Peirce Test, Villarreal Test



Logline: An insecure teen and her Asian-American, immigrant mother struggle to challenge societal norms, as flashbacks to the mother’s life in the 1970’s intertwine with her daughter’s life in the present.

Name of writer: Marie Cheng

Type: Half-hour Dramedy

Representation: Matthew Ellis, Evan Corday, The Cartel

Status: Available

Passes: Ko Test, Landau Test, Pierce Test, Villareal Test



Logline: After a scientist is kidnapped from a secret retirement village containing the nation’s most valuable ex-CIA members, a group of residents band together to save him, and ultimately uncover a conspiracy that dates back to the Cold War.

Name of writer: Sydney Mitchel

Type: 1-hour Drama

Representation: Manal Hammad, Abrams Artists Agency

Status: Available



Logline: When an Asian-American college student, Jacquie, who has a tumultuous relationship with her overbearing mother, is informed by the dean of Harvard, she needs to be more well-rounded, she meets a spoken word artist and discovers an affinity for poetry, but she’s forced to confront family expectations and must dig deep into her own vulnerabilities and get past her Asian stoicism to discover who she really is, what she wants to do and how she will tell her family.

Name of writer: Tricia Lee

Type: Feature Drama

Representation: Carl Liberman & Sohrab Merchant, The Characters Agency

Status: Available



Logline: As she dreams of a more stable career, a Latina mom fights to keep her hostess bar alive while facing spousal abandonment and a threatening sex trafficking ring in the gritty underbelly of the City of Angels.

Name of writer: Danny Cavada

Type: 1-hour Drama

Representation: N/A

Status: Available



Logline: Singles Day is a long-held Chinese holiday that falls on November 11 (its 11.11 digits signify being alone) in which celebrants take pride in being unattached. It is considered the anti-Valentine’s Day.

Name of writer: Lillian Yu

Type of script: Rom-Com Feature

Representation: Clifford Murray, Management 360 & Gregory McKnight, UTA

Passes: Duvernay Test



Logline: SHINING STAR is a coming-of-age story of friendship told through the eyes three black teen girls during the seventies, who are willing to move earth, wind and fire to make it to their first concert.

Name of writer: Jackie Thornton

Type: Feature Drama

Representation: N/A

Status: Available



Logline: For her 13th birthday, all Tasha Charles wants is to see her idol Prince perform live in concert, but her disapproving parents and annoying older brother will stop at nothing to interrupt her purple plans.

Writer: Nneka Samuel

Type: Feature Drama

Representation: N/A

Status: Available

Passes: Duvernay Test



Logline: When carefree Lulu’s UTI turns out to be something no amount of cranberry juice can fix, her new nightmare could be the one thing her overly tight-knit Jewish family needs most.

Name of writer: Simone Nathan

Type of script: Half-hour Comedy

Representation: N/A

Status: Available

Passes: Kohan Test



Logline: Casey ends her long-term relationship with Sean, worried they’ve basically become loveless roommates. When neither can stand to lose their awesome apartment, they’ll find out if they really can be roommates.

Name of writer: Camille Muth

Type: Half-hour Comedy

Representation: N/A

Status: Available



Logline: Unbeknownst to its inhabitants, the Earth is really a penal colony and everyone who lives here is a prisoner — until a rebellious alien sneaks onto the planet disguised as a teen-aged girl to try to free humans from their sadistic jailers.

Name of writers: Nicole Jones-Dion, Jeff Locker and Brian Flaccus

Type: 1-hour Drama

Representation: Marc Pariser

Status: Available



Logline: After discovering that her husband is cheating on her, a closeted Midwestern stay-at-home wife has a quarter life crisis and decides to visit her free-spirited lesbian friend who owns a bar in West Hollywood. Harboring an age-old crush, she throws herself into helping the bar get back on its feet and starts on her path of discovering her truest self through doing something she never imagined — performing as a drag king.

Name of writer: Emma Dudley

Type: 1-hour Dramedy

Representation: Matthew Ellis, Bradford Bricken, The Cartel


Passes: Ko Test, Pierce Test, Villareal Test



Logline: In the late 1800s, Elizabeth must build allies in her eclectic Western town in order to save her family and her land, all the while, uncovering the secrets of her family’s land, and all the reasons it’s worth fighting for.

Name of writer: Flannery Maney

Type: 1-hour Drama

Representation: N/A

Status: Available

Passes: Peirce Test, Villarreal Test



Logline: An alien conspiracy theorist is abducted along with a mixed bag of other mediocre humans, and must use her seemingly absurd knowledge of aliens to try to escape an Earth-like neighborhood on another planet.

Name of writer: Sarah K. Moss

Type: Half-hour Comedy

Representation: N/A

Status: Available

Passes: Ko Test, Landau Test, Peirce Test, Villarreal Test



Logline: The story of the unlikely bond between a Latinx transgendered female and the queen of Christian televangelism. Inspired by the very real life of Tammy Faye Bakker.

Name of writer: Pamela Garcia Rooney

Type: Feature Comedy

Representation: Kailey Marsh, Brillstein Entertainment Partners, Antoni Kaczmarek & Martin To, Paradigm

Status: Available



Logline: The true story of Margaret Howe, a dolphin researcher in the early 1960’s who learned to communicate with dolphins through a series of extraordinary experiments.

Name of writer: Tara Watson

Type of script: Feature Drama

Representation: Peter Heller, Heller Highwater

Status: Available



Logline: When the Kansas Board of Education passes regulations challenging the teaching of evolution, bookworm Jazz is thrust into the national spotlight, and she finds herself at the center of a debate that threatens to rip her community, family, and friendships apart. Inspired by true events.

Name of Writer: Morgan Dameron

Type: Feature Comedy

Representation: Kendrick Tan, Madhouse Entertainment

Status: Available



Logline: The rise of terrorist Jesse James  as seen through the eyes of a Black freedom-fighting family.

Name of writer: Nate Myers

Type: 1-hour Drama

Representation: N/A

Status: Available

Passes: Duvernay Test



Logline: Holly Morales is a downtrodden genius, resigned to toiling unappreciated in a tech support office for the rest of her existence. But when a mysterious woman crashes into her life with the news that a.) she is from the future, and b.) Holly is on the brink of inventing time travel… Holly is launched onto a wild, weird, wonderful road she’d only ever dreamed of.

Name of writer: Caitlin Schneiderhan

Type: Feature Comedy

Representation: Paul Weitzman, Brad Rosenfeld, Manal Hammad, Abrams Artists Agency & Dave Brown, Matt Horwitz, Chelsea Benson, Echo Lake

Status: Available

Passes: Duvernay Test



Logline: After a student at their elite prep school has a public breakdown, two teenagers resolve to expose and eliminate the corrupt secret society that dominates their school.

Name of writer: Taylor Tetreau

Type: 1-hour Drama

Representation: N/A

Status: Available



Logline: When an aging soap star finds out she’s being replaced, she decides to fight back to secure her legacy.

Writer: CJ Hoke

Type: Half-hour comedy

Representation: N/A

Status: Available


The Bitch List 2018

Thanks for joining us for #TheBitchList2018

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We love bitches of all genders, races, sizes, abilities


Here we are: Monday, January 8, 2018 with a list of the entertainment industry’s best liked Bechdel Test passing screenplays. This list comes out in January not just to recap last year’s great reads, but to highlight what stories we collectively want to get made in the coming year.

Love the news of THE NEW BECHDEL TESTS. Proud to say some of the screenplays on #TheBitchList2018 appear to pass these also. The original Bechdel Test is an extremely low bar, but surprisingly most films that get made still do not pass it. It is merely somewhere to start.

Every year, we’re still getting the same sad old stats about there being barely any #WOC directed or starring films. #TimesUp for this, really, truly. Who’s out there making this change happen? @Inclusionists have shown us time and time again that the data says #WOC lead films make box office cash, big time. Girls Trip, anyone?



Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 10.37.21 AM


There are some awesome announcements- FYI: This time, esteemed #TheBitchList2017 winner Britta Lundin (now a super duper cool big shot writer on Riverdale) is helping facilitate more industry reads of this year’s scripts- if you’re one of the writers on this list and want to be included- email and we’ll forward your script to Britta to compile. If you’re a rep or producer and want to read some of them, also feel free to send a message to this email and we’ll connect things up.

Very proud of The Bitch List alumni and glad to keep in touch with ’em. Many are actively participating in #WRAC18, so if you want, hop on over and join us and The Film Brigade headed by the generous Gary Graham and Michael Hennessy.

It’s required that voters send in their nominations via their official work emails and/or include an link of the nominator’s own work in order to verify identities.  Nominations are accepted from those working at studios, networks, agencies, management companies, and production companies anywhere in the world. Aside from this, alumni of the list are also eligible to vote.


As always, many thanks to friends and supporters who have lent a hand, given great coverage to The Bitch List:, Cinema in Noir, The Trackingboard, Indiewire, Wellywood Woman, Bluestocking Film Fest, Etheria Film Fest, Screamfest, The Bloodlist, The Director List, The Blacklist, April and Margaret of Legendary Women and others…

This has been a tumultuous year when it’s come to toppling the patriarchy. The old guard is changing before our very eyes because of brave people who have come out with their stories of sexual harassment. The industry is changing in big ways and together we will have a #BetterHollywood (hashtag by the wonderful Eleanor Morrison).



The first story listed below won by a landslide of the votes. The rest are in no particular order- to cap out at 15 this year

Repping this time are: UTA, Gersh, Lee Stobby Entertainment, The Cartel, Circle of Confusion, APA, Artillery & others

Very proud that writers originally on previous editions of The Bitch List have gone on to be on The Black List and to get their films made. Last year’s success story is David Kukoff’s An Uncivil War, to be directed by Dee Rees!

None of these stories are repped or endorsed by The Bitch Pack, nor are they read by anyone here. Just here counting votes. Congrats to everyone who made it onto the list- with votes from professionals who believe in your writing:




Action Comedy Feature

By Lindsay Stidham and Angela Gulner

Gulner is represented by Fictional Entity

Stidham is represented by Lee Stobby Entertainment and Miloknay/Weiner

Status: Available

The F*ck Truck will never be the same after JACKIE JONES gets on board to confront the bitch boning her man. But when both women are mistaken for hijacking the bus, the former-rivals are forced to work together to out-drive the police and save all the beavers on board one jacked up bus. It’s like SPEED meets THELMA AND LOUISE.




Western Dramedy Pilot

By Alexandra E. Hartman

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

When a pregnant bandit and an ex-slave meet a Southern belle with a fiery secret, they form an unlikely band of badass, ovary-slinging Western outlaws.




Pale Horse

Thriller Feature

By Chris Courtney Martin

Representation: Fred James, Manager

Status: Optioned to Snail Wolf Media

When a reclusive author (a Black woman with MS) shelters a man who escaped captivity with her long-missing brother, they’re tormented by the zealot responsible.




Drama Feature

By Michael Cooke

Representation: Stephanie Epstein, Manager

Status: Available

Lynn Miller, a Black woman public school teacher, navigates her quarter life crisis being over worked, and underpaid in one of the worse counties in Georgia. Lynn must decide if she will resign at the end of the week and move on to a better teaching district, leaving her students to fend for themselves, or stay and risk her dignity and sanity at the sake of little reward.




RomCom Feature

By Casey Zilbert

Representation: Daniela Garcia-Brcek, Circle of Confusion & Danny Toth, Gersh

Status: Available

Following the death of her estranged mother, a commitment phobe-cum-romance writer’s world spirals into a comedy of errors when her return home to Seattle stirs up old secrets, new scandals, and an unexpected love affair with a Naval Officer.




Fantasy Dramedy Pilot

By Jeannette Manning

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

Godlike is a one-hour TV dramedy about Morrigan, a Celtic war goddess who feels obsolete in modern-day Queens. Forced to earn a living after she abruptly loses her powers, Morrigan gets a job at an MCN alongside Ash McNeil, a descendant of Celtic warriors guided by Morrigan. The goddess hopes to restore her powers by investigating and uncovering other immortals posing as eccentric YouTubers. Instead, Morrigan’s search for nonhumans helps her realize how human she truly is.





Historical Drama Pilot

By Paola Ferrari & Kayla Westergard-Dobson

Representation: Audrey Knox, Kevin Slack, and Evan Corday at The Cartel

Status: Currently in active development with John Rogers and Jennifer Court at Kung Fu Monkey
Days before Pearl Harbor, the interception of a cryptic Axis communication irrevocably changes the lives of four women as the wartime conflict escalates, weaving together their paths in unexpected ways.




Supernatural Action/Adventure Pilot

By Lauren Conoscenti

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

Orientation week at an all-girls high school turns to chaos when a new student accidentally releases ancient creatures on campus



Comedy Pilot

By Nancy Duff

Story by: Nancy Duff & Woody Schultz

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

A recent widow and a society matron, brought together by a secret from their past, realize that in order to survive their golden years, they’ll need to work together and bring a failing marijuana bakery to new heights. BAKED puts a different spin on the current pilots about the “pot culture,” and features story lines about: adultery, adoptions, multi-ethnic families, death, LGBTQ stories, class issues and of course… baked goods.




Dramedy Pilot

Written by: Jay H. Thames

Representation: Ryan Saul, APA & Darren Trattner, Jackoway Tyerman

Status: Available

The dream team: A mob hitman and his brilliant mother get more than they bargained for when they’re dropped into a picture perfect suburb – new members of the Witness Protection Program – surrounded by a very diverse group of off-kilter neighbors, all of them also in the Witness Protection Program.




Sci-Fi Drama Pilot

By Thomas Dolan-Gavitt

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

At an exclusive school for genetically-engineered teens, an attack by a radical techno-terrorist faction prompts a shy, outcast girl to dig into the institution’s dark secrets.




Action Feature

By Nate Myers

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

An assassin has two hours to kill her neighbor in order to save her own life — but she first has to find her favorite gun.



#1 FAN

Comedy Pilot

By Annabel Seymour

Representation: Tom Carter, Artillery Creative

Status: Available

Twenty years after embarrassing herself by proposing to her pop star crush on live TV, a businesswoman’s life is thrown for a loop when the bankrupt singer shows up on her doorstep. 30 ROCK meets POPSTAR: NEVER STOP NEVER STOPPING




Drama Pilot

By Lorelei Ignas

Representation: United Talent Agency: Amanda Burnett, Lily Safran, Matt Baldovsky

Garrett Greer, Manager

Status: Available

A Park Avenue OB/GYN whose alcoholism nearly destroyed her career must struggle to stay sober, employed, and sane in the red suburbs of Pennsylvania after accepting a controversial job at one of the few remaining women’s health clinics in the country that performs abortions after 22 weeks.




Drama Pilot

By Carolyn Johnson

Representation: n/a

Status: Available

Two women programmers develop an “empathy-based” gaming tech – which forces misogynistic players to experience life as the women they victimize.




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Neon bitches will rule 2018 & beyond


Up to date information is always here:

Til next year!


The Bitch List 2017

Hopefully you’ve all recovered from The Golden Globes.

Monday, January 9, 2017

#THEBITCHLIST2017  Mni Wiconi – Water is Life and so is inclusive storytelling


Tara Houska mentions narratives and how Indigenous Peoples are not seen on TV

in this New York Times video interview


Things that were apparent with this year’s list:

None of the big agencies except Gersh represented this year. It’s an interesting trend as ones like ICM are repping people like Tomi Lahren. Simon & Schuster poured money on that Milo guy who trolled Leslie Jones and many others. We must see #ScreenwritersResist (and reps as well), not further promotion of bullies and the oppression of People of Color, LGBTQ and Disabled People via our content.

On this year’s list also– Brillstein repping. Echo Lake doubled up and more– The boutique management companies stepped up and took over. Good to have staff who are closer to audience members and not so removed and out of touch as companies grow.

Two stories take place in the Dakotas, USA.

Stories this year contain themes such as gentrification, colonization and its effects, trans issues, immigration issues and mental health issues.

Nominations this year surpassed all of the previous years’ nominations combined.

No clear cut #1 this time as verification of nominators’ roles within the entertainment industry was more difficult.  Suggestions are to send people the nomination link and let them proceed- rules for active campaigning will be researched. Appreciate the massive enthusiasm to get on this list, but do not appreciate a writer asking people to participate in a “spiel” one mass email accidentally forwarded by a nominator indicated. Seeing this was disappointing, after noticing trend of nominations that were all the marked generically “producer” as industry affiliation. Grateful that moving forward, next year will require more specification in nominators.

Some people emailed in their own list of 20+ screenplays- this is not at all advisable. Nominations that did not follow the simple instructions were nullified– Ones for completed films also. This is a list for the industry’s most liked Bechdel Test passing un-produced screenplays.

Lesson learned: Next year’s nomination process will require double tier of verification via imdb pro or must come from a work email showing industry affiliation, proof that nominator is indeed trained professionally in script reading and coverage.

This year’s nominators have included a celeb Woman of Color actress, development execs from top international production companies.

Thank you especially to past years’ The Bitch List alumni who are writers on major network TV shows or having their films produced, who have come back to nominate the next layer of alumni. Thank you again to A-Squared//F & H-WOC sub-tracking groups who put in their time vetting stories/nominations.

This is run by a person who adds up votes, not your agent, not your manger who will spend time to pass your work to anyone or read your work– Not a PR company either who will do the labor of promo-ing your work around the clock- just here promote the concept that we need more diverse stories.

All stories are available as of this list’s publishing date.

If no rep under listing, it means unrepped as of now.

Because of over-zealousness in personal campaigning, there could be no clear cut winner this year— Stories are instead ordered this way: Women of Color writers first, stories about Women of Color/Trans Women first, then others, then male writers. This may just continue in future years to un-do white privilege bias/attempts at nomination tampering.

If the story/stories you believe in didn’t make it onto this year’s list- try again next year. Had to cap the list- nominations were completely overwhelming this time around.

We have seen historical films starring Women of Color rule the box office.



#TheBitchList2017 #TheBitchList #ScreenwritersResist


First though- best #BitchPitches #filminclusion logline from Twitter


Timea Quon


TV Dark Comedy

An overworked matriarch and her mousy transsexual best friend learn the best way to clean up their neighborhood is by embracing their deviant side.

Contact: for a read


Want to highlight a story about Standing Rock by @phoenix_rivera:

WASH (We Are Still Here)

A fiercely independent Lakota woman moves to California to escape poverty and her past on the Standing Rock Reservation. When her partner is murdered, she moves back, forced to confront the threats to her and her family still there.



Sereena Shamsi

Film Dark Comedy

A British Indian girl being forced into an arranged marriage is suddenly trapped inside the body of a suicidal Irish DJ, and must fight to get her life back before the clock runs out.



Shaz Bennett

TV Drama

Suspended cop Lucinda “Lucy” Waters, an Indigenous woman, finds a beaten, bloody young girl in the middle of the desolate Bonneville Salt Flat on the border of Nevada/Utah. In the Flats, secretive, closed communities collide. The Salt Flats are home to Daredevil speed racers; Goshute Indians; down on their luck Gamblers; a private military base used to test bombs and chemical weapons; a polygamist offshoot of the Mormon church called the Levitical Brotherhood. Lucy has ties to all these communities and can gain access to all their secrets, because their secrets are hers too. In unraveling what happened to this girl, Lucy is forced to face her past in order to save the lost girl.

Dave Brown, Echo Lake Entertainment



Amy Banks

Feature Comedy

When Ruby Killed Skunk and her group of Native American “Aunties” find they are no longer revered by their tribe, they set out to reclaim their mojo on an adventure of a lifetime in Jamaica where they find friends, kine bud, and the secret to to getting irie.



Kathy Yamamoto

Feature Comedy

When an ambitious millennial running an illegal green card matchmaking ring falls in love with her latest client, she’ll have to choose between her next large paycheck and her newfound love.

Leads are Armenian, Asian-American and Latina.



Thomas Reyes

TV Comedy

Vera Mistri, an ambitious Indian-American journalist, is forced to take a job at a reality TV production company and discovers that her skills producing highbrow broadcast news don’t translate to the pranking, naked dating, Honey Boo Boo world of reality TV.

Stan Spry at Cartel Management



Shakina Nayfack & Howard Emanuel

TV Comedy

An unruly cabaret singer attempting to crowd-fund gender reassignment surgery must contend with her boyhood past, a conflicted ex-lover, and a circle of nearly-famous friends all trying to navigate life’s transitions in this Sex and the City meets Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Shakina on Twitter is @shakeenz




TV Drama

Adrienne Rush

A bi-racial (Black and Caucasian) young woman leaves her dead-end town in Mississippi for the brighter lights of Los Angeles, but soon finds herself homeless and losing all will to gain a foothold in society. A chance encounter leaves her straddling two worlds at once while secretly living out of a storage unit.

Jessica Jordan, Manager



TV Comedy

Jerrica Long

After her breakup goes viral, a twenty-something Black Woman uses her investigative skills from dating both sexes to help men and women find out if their partner is cheating, while she attempts to pick up the pieces of her life. Filled with funny, real-life adventures, the show explores the uncharted territory of dating, in a time when Drake lyrics have come to define relationship goals.



Megan Bacharach

TV Comedy

The story centers on a twenty-something woman with sociopathic tendencies who commits to blindly following a list of self-improvement initiatives as a promise to her late mother–the only person she ever cared about and the only person who believed her to be capable of good.



Maggie Mae Fish

TV Comedy

Nobody wants to run the Night Shift at NASA. But when Sarah Harris–an unbridled optimist–takes the position, she sets out to turn this dead end job into the launching pad for her dream career, even if everyone at NASA thinks her team is a joke. The team is 50% Women of Color.

Wenzel Entertainment



TV Drama

Katherine Ruppe

After the bones of her radical Blackfeet mother are discovered on the reservation where she was raised, intrepid big-city detective Riley Running Wolf reluctantly returns to her rugged Montana home town to work as a deputy for her sheriff father. While fighting tough crimes in the new wild West, she battles the FBI, greedy oil interests, and Blackfeet militants to untangle the conspiracy of her mother’s murder.

Jeffrey Thal, Manager, Ensemble Entertainment



TV Drama

Laura E. Davis

At a time when disease no longer exists and suicide is compulsory at age 60, an agent for the government’s Sustainability Program must determine if she can facilitate the death of a beloved client after the agent’s world is upturned.



Feature Drama

Alix Joyce

Anne McGregor, a mortician with a bloody past, has given up on love until the day a charismatic conman waltzes into her funeral parlor.



Angela Waldrop Gilbert

TV Dramedy

Socially anxious and plain, Marcelle hadn’t planned to ever leave the family maple farm in rural southern Quebec. When finances and her father’s health put the property at risk of being sold, she turns to black market food supplying in order to make ends meet–and then some. Breaking Bad with maple syrup.



Brandi Sperry

Feature Horror

When her reclusive sister turns to occult methods in a desperate attempt to save their failing vineyard from a devastating drought, a woman must try to save her family from the mysterious force that begins threatening the lives of all who set foot there.



Vanessa Yardley

Feature Drama

A farm girl and her BFF must defend their sleepy English village when it‘s attacked by a horde of supernatural hunters.



CC Campbell

TV Drama

Johnny Cash called it The Greatest Story Never Told:

Three musicians, two of them pioneering women, embark on an odyssey through a dark, Southern Gothic world grappling to keep marriages, themselves and the music that changed a nation alive.

Two of the first professional female musicians charge through a maze of dark figures and mysterious towns, often on motorcycles and brandishing guns, all the time singing for a living and sometimes, for their lives.



Jenny Deiker

TV Drama

When a psychiatrist returns to visit her Alma Mater, a prestigious boarding school in Wales, a student’s violent suicide prompts her to stay and support the staff and students. As her connection with a grieving student begins to blur the lines between reality/fiction, she begins to realize that this may have all happened once before. Think Pretty Little Liars meets Shutter Island.

Tom Carter, Artillery Creative / Noah Jones, Gersh



Shoshana Rosenbaum

Feature Horror

A woman adjusting to motherhood must confront a terrifying presence in the woods connected to–or summoned by–the lonely little boy next door.



Caitlin McCarthy

The true story of the drug DES (diethylstilbestrol), seen as a medical miracle to help women with pregnancy issues and one of the first cash cows for pharmaceutical companies – but which was, in fact, a toxic, carcinogenic drug and one of the biggest medical disasters in history, affecting millions of people worldwide.

Barry Krost Management



Kaitlin Fontana

TV Comedy

When a veteran, old school music critic loses her job, she is forced to take a new one with the sort of magazine she’s always despised: an online blog.

Brandon Stein, Brillstein Entertainment Partners New York City office



Caitlin Schneiderhan

TV Drama

A re-imagining of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as four warring crime families.



Lyn Stephenson-Ivers and Allen Ivers

TV Drama

Along the lines of a female drive DEXTER set in the beauty industry, KILLERS follows ambitious marketing exec SOPHIE, who finds her job, her sick brother, and her life in jeopardy when a manipulative psychopath uncovers her secret life as a serial killer.



Dani Bailes

TV Drama

After discovering her mother’s extensive correspondence with a notorious serial killer, Violet Bryce finds herself entangled in family secrets when a similar murder occurs in her own backyard.

Zadoc Angell & Chelsea Benson, Echo Lake Entertainment



Nate Myers

Feature Action Comedy

At a boarding school for genius, juvenile delinquents, a student creates a new drug called Bliss. But when it goes horribly awry, our leading lady and her two best friends have to fight their way to freedom.



Gabriel Klein

TV Animated Comedy

Jane and her teenage son break into an old R&D lab at the tech company she co-founded with her estranged childhood friends to finish their time machine. Once completed the time machine’s existence causes a paradox wherein all six of the diverse friends who worked on the invention are trapped in a continuous loop predestined to be a part of world history. Now they flash through time interacting with famous figures and guiding their paths, while flashbacks illustrate their own past together and the friendships worth reuniting.



Alex Freedman

TV Drama

Following the suicide of her father, an attorney is forced to return to her distant brother and family law firm in New York.



Mike Sorce & Matthew Kic

TV Drama

Buried secrets come to light after a tragic car accident disrupts the lives of several employees of a small town animal kill shelter. SIX FEET UNDER meets THE AFFAIR.



Joe Brukner

TV Comedy

When the stubborn and self-reliant April Johnson is diagnosed with acute kidney failure, she returns home to South Dakota to con her estranged family in to giving her a kidney.


Thank you writers and now #TheBitchList alumni!

The Bitch List 2016

This is why #RepresentationMatters. It’s 2016 and Asian/Asian-American women are thought of as “hookers at Golden Globes parties” by a “Hollywood script consultant” when someone brings up lack of representation.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 7.10.29 PM
Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 6.50.13 AM

TOGETHER, we can overcome degrading comments and actions- because “stereotypes put women in real danger”.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 9.32.04 AM

Let’s do this. Now, for The Bitch List:

Stories we hope will get optioned/bought/made in the coming year and the future- the most liked so far un-produced screenplays read by industry professionals in 2015 that feature two named women/girls/transwomen talking about something other than a man– It’s just as simple as that.

Yup, we know stories that don’t pass the Bechdel Test (Bechdel-Wallace) also help women’s representation, but we just believe having more women’s dialogue about their varied interests shows them as even more human.

Some have told me I shouldn’t call this “The Bitch List”, but I wanted to stay in keeping with the alliteration of people we know at The Blood List, The Black List, and keep rhyming with The Hit List! Lycisca List has a nice ring to it. We can all say it 5x fast for fun. Lycisca is “she-wolf” in Italian. I learned this on The History Channel. It’s neat and now we’ve all learned something, but I think we’ll stick to THE BITCH LIST because “bitches get stuff done”.

Very fortunate to have “A-squared” Tracking Board to help facilitate votes this year. Shhh- because A2 exists in secret.

Thuc Doan Nguyen-Brophy
Thuc in Indiewire for The Haymarket Affair
Thuc in Indiewire’s “Heroines of Cinema”

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 12.04.09 PM

#TheBitchList2016 #ScriptsForChange

Fun facts about this year’s list:

12/21 writers on this list are women, 9/21 are men

Multiple stories are about People of Color at the center

Multiple stories are about social issues

Multiple stories take place in Texas

Two are animated

Major agencies represented this year with a story (CAA, WME, ICM, APA), except for UTA

***Thanks to the writers for pouring their hearts & souls out into their stories. Thanks to the voters for bringing these stories to our attention.

Very proud of the nominees & nominators. Change takes a while & A-squared members are rising through the ranks, representing the enlightened thoughtful Hollywood New Guard where liberal hypocrisy will be a thing of the past. Grateful for them and others for reading and the promoting the scripts below.

Together we are breaking down antiquated Hollywood myths. The numbers have shown it time and time again and we have the new stories that will continue to prove this.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 10.28.20 AM

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 5.57.45 PM


Britta’s screenplay won this year’s list with the most votes:


Writer: Britta Lundin

Genre: Comedy Feature

Logline: A teenage fanfiction writer butts heads on the fan convention circuit with the lead actor in her favorite TV show when she plots to ensure that his character falls in love with his male costar to create the first gay action hero romance on TV.

Representation: n/a

Status: Available



Writer: Debbie Moon

Genre: Sci-fi Action Feature

Logline: Five years after military drones turned on humanity, a teenage girl with a particular skill trains a ragtag resistance to fight back – hundred of miles above the Earth’s surface…

Representation: Rochelle Stevens at Rochelle Stevens & Co. (London)

Status: Available


TEXAS CITY – The Darkest Day

Writer: Jay Thames

Genre: True Story/Disaster Feature

Logline: A true story. On April 16th, 1947, a nuclear sized explosion destroyed Texas City, TX. This is the real story of diverse everyday people, (including the writer’s grandfather), who became unsuspecting heroes on that fateful day. The event remains the largest man-made disaster in U.S. history.

Representation: Ryan Saul, APA

Status: TBD



Writer: Sarah Bird

Genre: Drama Feature

Logline: Cathay “Cathy” Williams becomes “William Cathay” to enlist in the Civil War, the first Black woman and only woman Buffalo Soldier in the history of the United States.

Representation: Kristine Dahl, ICM

Status: In development with Pantheon of Women

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 9.09.46 AM



Writer: James M. Johnston and Todd Connelley

Genre: Crime Thriller Feature

Logline: When their son is murdered in the criminal underground of Texas, the grieving mother and estranged father reunite in a desperate search for justice.

Representation: Craig Kestel, WME

Status: In development with Parts and Labor / Sailor Bear



Writer/Director: Khurram Longi

Genre: Drama Feature

Logline: A “Rocky on a bull” film: A woman battles prejudice to become a champion bull-rider.

Representation: John Garvey & Alex Medbed, CAA

Status: Emily Blunt attached



Writer: Nate Orr

Logline: The story is about the death of small town and the violent growing pains of its rebirth into a fracking boomtown. It’s a contemporary “Deadwood” with a corrupt female sheriff at the center of it.

Representation: Allard Cantor & Jarrod Murray, Epicenter Management

Status: Jonathan Krauss attached to produce



Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Genre: Horror/Mystery Feature

Logline: When an ambitious student journalist gets caught in endlessly repeating hallways, she discovers that the phenomenon is linked to an insidious set of experiments by a secret society. Think ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN as a supernatural mystery thriller.

Representation: n/a

Status: Available



Writer: Francesca Butler

Genre: Drama

Logline: Warren (a modern-day adaptation of George Bernard Shaw’s Mrs. Warren’s Profession) is a New Orleans-set hour-long drama. It follows District Attorney Investigator Vivian Warren as she tackles the case of a lifetime: the arrest of New Orleans’ most infamous society madam – who turns out to be none other than Vivian’s mother, Katharine.

Representation: n/a

Status: Available



Writers: Kelly D’Angelo & Nick Watson

Genre: Half Hour Comedy/ Animation

Logline: The Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse try to end the world, only to find the world refuses to be ended by women.

Representation: n/a

Status: Available



Writer: Suzy Mae

Genre: Half Hour Comedy/ Animation

Logline: A crew of less-than-motivated mutant fast food workers get whipped into shape by an over-achieving manager.

Representation: n/a

Status: Available



Writer: Lydia Mulvey

Genre: Sci-fi Feature

Logline: With the world suffering catastrophic drought, a reclusive widow must help her estranged brother get his baby back from the Desiccants, a fearsome militia led by formidable twins who have found a way to extract pure water from the human body.

Representation: Michael Woodlief at MSW Media (Los Angeles)

Status: Available



Writers: Miranda Sajdak and Vanessa King

Genre: Drama Feature

Logline: When the “perfect” All-American family witnesses a gangland murder, they must go into witness protection, where cracks in their family’s impeccable surface start to show.

Representation: Vanessa is repped by Pebble Entertainment

Status: Available



Writer: Nate Ruegger

Genre: Action Thriller

Logline: A reclusive hit-woman searches for her sister’s killer only to find herself blackmailed by a powerful criminal empire. Now the only person who can help her is a smart-mouthed teen runaway — who’s just like her sister. Imagine a female-driven JOHN WICK with the buddy rivalry of LETHAL WEAPON.

Representation: n/a

Status: Available



Writer: Simon Underwood

Genre: Sci-fi Thriller Feature

Logline: A resources-strapped America uses a public app to decide people’s worth – rate too low and you’re disposed of. A clerk for the app company suddenly finds herself on the kill list, and on the run.

Representation: n/a

Status: Available



Writer: David Kukoff

Genre: Drama Feature

Logline: Based on the true story of the battle between Gloria Steinem and Phyllis Schlafly over the Equal Rights Amendment

Representation: n/a 

9/2016 update: signed by Varun Monga, ESA

Status: Available-

9/2016 update: Not anymore–>

Picked up by Glen Basner’s Film Nation, per Variety article 

Carrie Mulligan attached



Writer: Shelley Gustavson

Genre-Supernatural Drama Feature

Logline: Following a school shooting, a reclusive teacher fights to protect another young man from destruction when an unearthly neighbor causes the women of her small town go mad with grief and rage.

Representation: n/a

Status: Available


Starting 2016, we’ve partnered with Scriptd to make some of The Bitch List screenplays readable on a curated page by the end of January- more on that soon

Writers, you may add yourself to this by contacting

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 9.15.25 AM


The home web page for The Bitch Pack
Of MASSIVE importance to our #1 cultural influencer around the world- Visual Rhetoric, Gender, Control…


Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 9.29.56 AM

The Bitch List 2015

Go here for THE BITCH PACK What do we want? More women-centric films. When do we want them? Now. In order to get them, first we need screenplays, so… The Bitch List

Drum roll please

By popular demand, this time #TheBitchList2015 includes teleplays too.

Thank you so much to A-Squared Tracking Board and The Busby for facilitating votes this year.  Guys named Steve out-number everyone on the list this year. WEST got the most votes. Everyone else in no particular order.



Writer: Kit Steinkellner

Genre: Western/Sci-fi/Adventure, One Hour Drama

Logline: X-Men in the Old West

Representation: Katie Cates, International Creative Management; Josh Adler, Circle of Confusion Management

Status: Available



Writer: Cat Vasko

Genre: Comedy Feature

Logline: A woman feeling lost in life stumbles upon a mysterious dimension where she is a major character in a universe based on a sitcom.

Representation: William Morris Endeavor

Status: Available




Writer: April Prosser

Genre: Comedy Feature

Logline: When all her friends get married, Rachel realizes her only friend is wing-woman Summer, a brash party animal.

Representation: Blair Kohan, Carolyn Sivitz, William Morris Endeavor

Status: Bought by Weinstein Films




Writer: Lynn Hamilton

Genre: Drama Feature

Logline: A young woman tries to find her place in a world that isn’t exactly banging down her door demanding she lend her voice.

Writer’s Representation: N/A

Status: Director Jen McGowan (Kelly & Cal starring Juliette Lewis) attached




Writer: Isaac Adamson

Genre: Historical Drama Feature

Logline: Real life horror story of the women trapped on an island during the 1915 Mexican Revolution who struggle to survive from hunger and a monstrous lightkeeper’s reign of terror.

Representation: Lee Stobby Entertainment

Status: Available




Writer: Robert Dillon

Genre: One Hour Drama

Logline: A woman raised by serial killers lives a secret life as a dark web assassin.

Representation: N/A

Status: Available




Writer: Monique Mata

Genre: Psychological Thriller Feature

Logline: While investigating a series of gruesome murders, a lonely coroner falls for an enigmatic stranger who may be connected to the crimes.

Representation: N/A

Status: Available




Writers: Dreux Moreland & Steve Hayes-Pollard

Genre: Historical Comedy, Period Piece Feature

Logline: 19th century tale of madness where the cunning Beatrice colludes with her brutal manservant in order to overcome her filial duties and follow her darker desires – even at the cost of her family, friends and mental fortitude.

Representation: Dreux is now with CAA & Anonymous Content after being on this list

Status: Available




Writer: Lauren Schacher

Genre: Dramedy Feature

Logline: Regan Boyer has done the last thing she ever thought she would: she’s moved back to the town that exiled her. When word gets out that “Easy Rei” is teaching teen girls about female sexuality, the town spares no one in their slut-shaming backlash. As the rumors that plagued her adolescence return with a vengeance, Rei struggles with bringing the others down with her in her attempt to finally rise above the ashes.

Representative: N/A

Status: Seeking director, funding




Writer: Steve Boltz

Logline: A punk-rock girl with a brain tumor that causes her to hallucinate the late Joey Ramone travels cross-country to reconnect with her estranged mother and step-father.

Representation: N/A

Status: Available




Writers: Maria Burton, Gabrielle Burton, Ursula Burton & Jennifer Burton

Genre: Drama Feature

Logline: The true-life story that follows the “Mercury 13,” a group of 13 women who successfully passed NASA’s intense Project Mercury astronaut training in 1959 – but were denied the right to fly.

Representation: Linda Lichter at Lichter, Grossman, Nichols, Adler & Feldman

Status: Available




Writer: Nate Bynum

Genre: Historical Drama Feature

Logline: About a young girl’s rape and the consequences as the town and jury debates her moral character

Representation: Mitchell K. Stubbs, Powerline Management

Status: Available




Writer: Stephanie Bousley

Genre: One Hour Drama

Logline: In a neighborhood where crime seems to be the only way to a better life, a bi-racial teenage girl from South Central Los Angles tries to save her dying mother and overcome the setbacks of her upbringing by becoming a paparazzi photographer.

Representation: N/A

Status: Available




Writer: Valerie Peterson

Genre: One Hour Drama

Logline: After her uncle’s death, an accountant is tasked with being the executor on his estate, only to unravel secrets the town would prefer remain hidden.

Representation: N/A

Status: Available




Writers: Victor Marranca and Vanessa King

Genre: One Hour Drama

Logline: A female ATF agent is recruited into a murderous religious sect, dedicated to bring vengeance upon the world’s worst sinners.

Representation: N/A

Status: Available




Writer: John Casu

Genre: One Hour Drama

Logline: Asked to help the FBI investigate a series of macabre murders, an AFOSI Special Agent must keep her involvement in the homicides secret as struggles to complete her true mission.

Representation: N/A

Status: Available



As always, keep the movement going- tweet your logline for your Bechdel Test passing or female-centric screenplays/teleplays with #BitchPitches so we can learn about it on Twitter

The Bitch List and The Bitch Pack were started by Thuc Doan Nguyen. Thuc is a practicing writer. Thuc enjoys being kicked in the butt by Lexi Alexander to write more Women of Color, which has resulted in a comedy pilot called YELLOW FEVER aka BANANAS.

Thuc also keeps busy writing for QueenMobs, an off-shoot of Berfrois UK. She’s written a web series called DOWNTOWN for 77 Films (LA), who produced I DREAM TOO MUCH with Richard Linklater. She’s working on a short with Bodhi Films (LA & Paris) called TINDER-ITIS. Thuc is grateful to be part of her women’s film mafias in LA and in Europe, and for outstanding allies of all genders.

This list is dedicated to the memory of Richard Alexander Friedman.