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Very proud that #TheBitchPackAlumni write on major tv shows


are having their scripts directed by Dee Rees & more

The Bitch List makes winners with meetings and deals all over town:

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The list will be published the Monday following The Golden Globes each year


This speech from Viola Davis about “running with wolves” sums it up

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How it works:

Entertainment professionals send nominations that they have read. Check here and @biatchpack on Twitter to find out the voting period in December each year.

Each nominated story (teleplay or feature screenplay) will get 1 point

This year’s & all future years’ twist: If the story being nominated also passes any of “The New Bechdel Tests” (ie. The Duvernay Test or The Waithe Test), it will get 2 points

The TOP 5 point earners will receive the latest Final Draft 11 software for free!

Please be mindful:

– This list is run by one human being who counts these nominations & keeps things in order. Do not send the scripts themselves (no attachments please)

– This human is not here to perform free labor for you- ie. be told what to tweet and when, to be your personal PR machine or to be your literary rep



HOW TO DO IT if you are an entertainment industry professional:

– You can nominate feature length scripts or teleplays

– Do not nominate yourself – do not nominate your own script(s)

– Nominations must come from your work email – include your title OR if it’s from your personal email – include your IMDB link/why you’re qualified to rate scripts

– Please send nominations to biatchpack@gmail.com, in this format:



Name of writer(s):

Type of script: (examples: Comedy Feature, 1-hour Drama, etc.)

Representation: (agent or manager)

Status: (available or not)

– Do not send a list of more than 3 nominations

Each nominated story (teleplay or feature screenplay) will get 1 point

Please specify in the email if your nomination(s) pass an additional screenwriting test

We are committed to helping an array of writers tell their tales faster and more easily.

Remember- votes are still subjective, so if you do not make this list, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad writer.

Thank you for participating, so we can all know what scripts are out there that will further our society and which reps/agencies/management companies are actually into real change and not just maintaining the status quo.


Thank you to our sponsor, Final Draft screenwriting software



Overall background:

This list is of the entertainment industry’s best liked Bechdel Test passing scripts.

The test is a very low bar to pass where:

2 named women talk to each other about something other than a man

This list is here to encourage more inclusive story-telling and better dialogue on the page and in real life.

For lists from previous years, please go here

For more information about The Bitch Pack, please go here


Every year there are think pieces about which awards season films pass The Bechdel Test, ala this one in The New Yorker.

Yes, writers have been signed to some big ass agencies and big ass name reps, writers have been staffed on major network shows, impactful theatrically released films have been made and deals have been struck from this list! The Bitch List alumni have also interestingly enough- made it onto The Black List & The Blood List after being featured here…

The Bitch Pack & The Bitch List & Thuc Nguyen’s “as seen in” list includes: Indiewire, The Rumpus, The Trackingboard, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, Bitch Media, Script Magazine, Bust Magazine, Flaunt Magazine & more…

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Hosted a table talk at #FiForum19

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It’s time. #TimesUp #MeToo



Thank you to #VAFF, British Columbia, The City of Vancouver, Canada for funding such a cool poster for a film project about the music industry and Vietnamese-American & Chinese-American women characters! VAFF dubbed “Topie” is originally a produced short film called TRV CVLT

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So, who likes quality, equality + money?

Which #WOC + #BlackWomen lead stories are you greenlighting then?

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